"Mexican Sculptures" By Yvonne Domenge

Yvonne Domenge’s works are often inspired by nature and architecture. They demonstrate her fascination with shape and geometry.
The abstract and geometrical forms she creates are visual expressions of the infinite universe.

These references represent an endless source of inspiration while she develops new ideas that bring energy and creativity to her body of work.

The spheres seem to have no beginning and no end, and their composition is complex. The intricate design and the mathematical puzzles hold the viewer’s attention.

The dimensions of her works are variable, ranging from small-scale sculpture to monumental sculptures.

Her work is partly influenced by the popular culture of her country of origin. She uses bright colors and techniques
from Mexico, such as dyeing wood with cochineal, a deep red dye, but also gold or silver leaf gilding.

"I constantly use the space to search my identity". Yvonne Domenge

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