List of Nathalie Decoster artworks

The purity of the lines and the simplicity of the materials lead the artist to work in bronze in particular. Nathalie Decoster also explores other materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, concrete or even glass; but also recycled materials that find new life in his work (mattress springs, concrete iron, etc.). She recently introduced in some parts of her language the primary red "symbol of life".
Through her exhibitions and her universal language, Nathalie Decoster communicates with audiences of all origins and all cultures, “true spiritual foods” that allow her to understand her reflections.

The artist delivers universal messages on the human condition, the relationship of man to time, human fragilities, the essential values that our modern lives tend to make us forget.

She shares a work of reflection with companies and takes advantage of the role of mediation of the artist in the company. This is reflected both in one-off interventions/conferences and in the production of orders resulting from joint reflections.

“In our sometimes dehumanized world, giving back the right to take time to free our busy minds, not feeling guilty about taking time for yourself. - N. Decoster

Nathalie Decoster concentrates her support actions for associations that help children (Paris Tout Petit and Unicef)

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