Inception Gallery

For several years, Inception Gallery has been refocusing on sculpture, particularly monumental sculpture.
Inception Gallery represents both emerging and established artists. Founded by Fréderic Alquier, a long-time art collector, the gallery's vocation is to discover artists who are already recognised in their country of origin, but who are still little known or unknown in France.
The imposing and majestic proportions of the monumental sculpture give a feeling of power and provoke admiration and wonder.
It creates a tourist dynamic that offers an attraction thanks to an open-air architecture. Monumental sculpture is analysed as being significant in terms of success, creating emotion and thus offering a visibility that marks the visitor.
The personal passion of the collector is often mixed with the approach of the patron. In any case, the fundamental idea is to share one's passion.
It is obvious that without the owner's particular penchant for the art world, no initiative in this direction would be possible.

However, while the owner may be an art lover, this does not preclude him or her from benefiting the company from the positive image associated with the sponsorship action.
There are many benefits other than personal ones. Thus, in addition to embellishing properties that are sometimes too strict or architectural complexes that are often monotonous, the sculptures can give the site as a whole an immediate and easily recognisable identity.
SAS Inception Gallery collaborates with a large number of artists such as Jonathan Prince, Charles Hadcock, David Harber, Nathalie Decoster, George Panossian, Matt Devine, Andy Scott, David Breuer-Weil, Stéphane Cipre, Richard Orlinski, Unus Safardiar, Marc Fornes, Damon Hyldreth, Ran Hwang, Soo Sunny Park, etc., and offers you the possibility of discovering the aspects of monumental work.

We have a pleasure to offer you the art works by architects and sculptors of tomorrow.

Frédéric Alquier
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