Works of David Harber

Born in London in 1956, David Harber is inspired by the interaction between the light, the landscape
and the water.
Inspired by the interaction of light and reflection, the artist uses materials such as bronze, brass,
copper, bronze, stainless steel and stone.
The three-dimensional creation enables him to create the illusion.

the artist uses materials such as bronze...

Keystone - Bronze & Stainless Steel - Diameter 400 cm (made in diameter 250 cm) ©Inception Gallery

The materials used by David Harber often play with a sense of contrast.
Naturally brutal elements like rough-cut slate are transformed into smooth sculptural pieces, so that
ruggedness is refined into something soft and tactile without changing its inner essence

...are transformed into smooth sculptural pieces...

Torus - Terra cotta & Stainless Steel - Diameter 100/150/180/200/230 cm ©Inception Gallery

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