Works By Jae Hyo Lee

In the Gyeonggi Province, where he lives, in the south of Seoul, the forest and the Han River are never far away. The subject of nature is central to the art of Lee Jae Hyo. "I have a great respect for nature. My works are inspired by it. I collect logs in forests, the stones come from the riverbed. To choose one or the other already determined the work to come, "says Lee.

His works are shaped by the energy of nature...

The energy of nature, the uncluttered lines, the simplicity of its elements, shapes his works. "I don’t really know which of the two, the material or the artist, is prevailing! It is as if my hands followed the essence of the material ... Every wood has its own characteristics. I don’t work against it, but with it.
The material guides my gesture, the texture decides the form. We can’t impose it from the outside.

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