Born Wild : Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski is a French sculptor who was born in Paris in 1966.
After studying at the National school of Plastic arts at Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), Richard Orlinski quickly turned his attention to sculpture. Inspired by the contemporary generation of Pop artists such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince or Takashi Murakami who fascinates him from his early years, his work is particularly influenced by Pop Art movement, Richard Orlinski develops his art far from conventions, questioning codes of mass culture. Following the logic of demultiplication and repeating objects, he denounces the serial production process in the cultural industry through industrial means and materials. The artist has always been surrounded by a team of highly skilled technicians.
He uses mostly industrial materials like resin and aluminum, that offer an incredible accuracy with their level of forms and colors, but he also proposes prestigious materials like marble, stone and bronze.

With his sculpture of wild beasts, Richard Orlinski expresses his existential question dominating wildness or at least softening it. On the one side, Richard Orlinski modifies the natural dimensions of his animals, increasing the size of the head to convey the feeling of power, but on the other, by representing the animal transcended by art, the artists turns it away from primitive impulses.
As a reflection, his pop-art menagerie also questions the notion of human instinct, the wild side sleeping on each human brain.
In 2010 he was the second best-selling contemporary French artist’s in France by Art Price and two of his artworks are
among the 10 highest auctions of 2011. Orlinski has been guest of honour at Art Elysées Fair, Art Paris Fair, Artiferia in
Bologna and Cannes, Deauville and Cabourg Festival.

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