List of George Panossian paintings artworks

Marker of our time, of our way of communicating, of consuming, of dreaming also sometimes, Pop Art imposes its trace in the streets since its genesis and on the canvas since its artists dared to take a more traditional way by posing on canvases.

At the same time sculptor, painter and plastician, George Panossian gives birth to phantasmagorical characters from comics, caricature and ancestral symbols of humanity.

This mixture of American Pop Art and European Urban Art are safe and contemporary values, easily identifiable symbols that he diverts to make them say other things, to let them speak or to speak to us through his sometimes reassuring but also worrying characters.

Through his paintings, the artist tells us a story like that of the cosmonaut husband in Panic, of the American enrollment revisited in We Want You, of the battle of the paint bombs in Lava, of the Day of the Dead in the Day of the Dead.....

He revisits the masterpieces of the Pop Art movement and his women's faces remind us of Lichtenstein's paintings.

Each of his works is a true narrative composition giving birth to a work full of stories and emotions.

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